Crystal Flex Probes
for Cost-Efficient and Fast Multiplexing

Stilla® proprietary digital PCR assay technology consists of 2 components: Crystal Flex Probes and Crystal Universal Reporters.

By incorporating the fluorophore into the Crystal Universal Reporters, Stilla's Crystal Flex Probe technology allows the use of the same Crystal Universal Reporters across all assays. This means that only the non-fluorescent probes (Crystal Flex Probes) need to be customized to your specific target. Resulting in faster, simpler and cheaper multiplexed digital PCR assays.

Highest multiplex

Crystal Flex Probes are target specific, non-fluorescent probe oligonucleotides that trigger the fluorescence of Universal Reporters during PCR specifically in the presence of the targeted sequence.

Our Crystal Flex Probes provide specificity and sensitivity comparable to typical fluorescent probes while being faster,  simpler & cheaper to optimize for multiplexed digital PCR assays!

Crystal Universal Reporters

Crystal Universal Reporters are a single set of fluorescent oligonucleotides that work with ALL of Stilla’s Crystal Digital PCR Assays.

Unlike traditional fluorescent oligos (like TaqMan® probes), which are often lengthy, complex, and costly to optimize, our Crystal Universal Reporters provide a cost-effective and efficient solution.

  • Target specificity is achieved using an affordable and faster to synthesize non fluorescent Flex Probes
  • Same sensitivity, same specificity as state-of-the-art fluorescent probes (can incorporate LNA bases, etc…)
  • The tag oligos released at each PCR cycle trigger fluorescence of their specific Universal Reporters
  • No fluorescent signal is emitted if target of interest is not present

Changing the way your lab works

Thanks to quick customization, high multiplexing, and cost-effectiveness, Stilla®’s Crystal Flex Probe technology is opening new research opportunities and applications in labs across the globe.


Reduce cost by using the same set of fluorescent reporters to detect targets across different panels.

Highest multiplex

Detection and quantification of up to 21 targets in a single reaction, unmatched by any other provider.

Unparalleled speed

Rapid design and delivery, using non-fluorescent oligos for quick customization and optimization.

7 Crystal Universal Reporters, 7 color channels

Experience the full power of multiplexing by leveraging the 7 color channels on your Nio™ instrument. Each Crystal Universal Reporter matches a color channel on the Nio™ .

Nio™ and Nio™+
3-color Naica®
6-color Naica®
Ruby Chip

Color Combination: increase multiplexing while keeping a simple analysis

In simple color multiplexing, a target is detected using a single fluorophore in a single channel. In color combination multiplexing, a target is detected using two separate fluorophores detected in 2 different channels. Such a strategy allows the development of assays to detect and individually quantify many more targets.

Thanks to a population editor based on fluorescence co-localization criteria, our software seamlessly integrates the analysis of color combination assays.

The image shows an example on how a single assay can detect up to 21 targets simultaneusly in a our 7-color system, the Nio™.

A solution that matches the ever-developing world of nucleic acid detection, Crystal Digital PCR® assays address the increasing need to detect many targets in parallel to save previous time and valuable samples. With results obtained in less than 3h30 hours, highly multiplex assays skip the need for sequential analysis of samples.

Application note

12-plex ESR-1 Crystal Digital PCR® Assay

Jump into the development of a full panel of clinical biomarkers in oncology treatment monitoring or into quality control of various residual DNA, or into complete screening of microbial species in wastewater, and many more applications with Crystal Digital PCR® assays.

Ready to plex?

Start using Crystal Flex Probes and Crystal Universal Reporters

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