Custom digital PCR Assay Design Service

Start with your target sequence of interest and Stilla® will tailor solutions that align with your project goals. You are in control every step of the way.

Highest multiplex

Detection and quantification of up to 21 targets in a single reaction, unmatched by any other provider.

Unparalleled speed

Rapid design and delivery, using non-fluorescent oligos for quick customization and optimization.


Reduce cost by using the same set of fluorescent reporters to detect targets across different panels.

How does it work?

Streamlined process for rapid assay customization

Needs definition

What are you targets of interest?
Are your targets rare events? Abundant targets?
What is you desired multiplexing level?
How many samples do you plan to test per year?
In-silico design or need for wet-lab testing?

Quotation and timeline

We offer a personalized quote and discuss the timeline for assay development based on your specific requirements.

In-silico design (ISD), our base offer

Stilla® designs and develops your custom assay, tailored specifically to meet your unique research needs and requirements. After the in silico phase, we manufacture the assay for a seamless and efficient process.

Wet-lab testing (WLT), add-on

Stilla® develops a synthetic DNA positive control and conducts a Wet-lab Test (WLT) to assess amplification efficiency and assay specificity for your custom assay using the synthetic positive controls.

Validation services, add-on

On your request, we further validate with your samples. Additional services may include LOB and LOD determination and sample validation.

Crystal Flex Probe Technology

Cost effective high-plex assay design with Stilla®’s Crystal Flex Probe technology

Stilla® developed a modular detection chemistry that allows for flexible, fast and cost-efficient assay design. Introducing Crystal Flex Probes and Crystal Universal Reporters, assay design for high multiplexed panels in Crystal Digital PCR®.

Cost effective

Reduce cost by using the same set of fluorescent reporters to detect targets accross different panels.

Time saving

Accelerate assay design by relying on non-fluorescent oligos for assay customization and optimization.

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