naica® IQ/OQ Kit

System OQ

Ready-to-use OQ solution comprised of six components, including the high-perfomance naica® multiplex PCR MIX 10X, optimal primer and probe solutions, a positive control, and water for sample dilution.

Wet-lab tested




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Product Details

Routine Operational Qualification (OQ) procedures of the naica® system, Nio™ and Nio™+ can be performed using the naica® IQ/OQ Kit, a ready-to-use OQ solution to closely monitor equipment compliance to operating specifications. Use the naica® IQ/OQ Kit to qualify the naica®, Nio™ and Nio™+ systems on a periodic basis in accordance with established standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Experience the streamlined routine OQ solution with the naica® IQ/OQ Kit for a wide range of key nucleic acid detection and quantification applications, validated for use on all Stilla Technologies dPCR platforms.
This kit is available in 96 Ruby (for the Nio™ and Nio™+) or 24 Sapphire (for the naica® system) reactions format.

Features & Benefits

Ready-to-use kit with all necessary components for an OQ dPCR reaction
Easy-to-use kit with time to results in less than 3.5 hours
Dedicated analysis template with defined OQ conformity criteria
One single kit for all compatible dPCR systems


One target at characterized concentration for each fluorescent channel

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