KRAS (drop-off G12-G13) Crystal Digital PCR® Assay


Assay-specific Crystal Flex Probes and primers for the detection of KRAS mutations and its Positive Control.

Wet-lab tested
Product Details

The KRAS (drop-off G12-G13) Crystal Digital PCR® Assay is a 10X assay designed to detect and quantify mutations in codons 12 and 13 of the KRAS gene using the Ruby Chip.
KRAS is pivotal in regulating cell signaling pathways implicated in cancer development, notably melanoma and colorectal cancer.
This assay is available in 200 and 1000 reaction formats.

Features & Benefits

Ready-to-use assay reagents to detect multiple targets in a single reaction
Crystal Flex Probe detection chemistry for flexible assay configuration
Same set of Crystal Universal Reporters to detect any target in different assays in different assays


Drop-off G12-G13

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